Burlingame, CA - Aperia Technologies Inc. maker of the only tire inflation device for tractors and trailers, today announced that Brown Integrated Logistics has made its Halo Tire Inflator a standard specification on all new and existing power units. “Proper tire inflation is extremely important when running wide-base single tires,” said Brian Kinsey, president and CEO of Brown Integrated Logistics. “We specify the Halo Tire Inflator on all of our tractors to reduce the likelihood of tire failure, optimize fuel economy, and ensure safe stopping distances.” Highly engineered to increase tire life and improve fuel economy, the Halo Tire Inflator is compatible with a wide variety of Class 7 and 8 truck, tractor, and trailer applications. “Aperia is dedicated to reducing the operating costs of our fleet customers,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia. “With nearly 100 million miles of on-road usage across more than 250 diverse fleets, our customers typically realize a return on their investment in under 12 months.” The Halo Tire Inflator utilizes proprietary technology to leverage the wheel’s rotational motion to pump and maintain optimal tire pressure. Unlike traditional tire inflation systems, Halo is self-powered and self-contained, does not require tapping or drilling of axles, and installs in under 30 minutes.