HEWLETT, N.Y. - CargoMatrix is delighted to announce the launch of its new app - CargoMessenger - that is set to revolutionize the cargo shipping industry, taking it from cumbersome paper-based procedures to electronic without the need for expensive hardware or software.

The cargo industry as a whole has been slow to adopt paper-free procedures; while a few companies have gone digital, many others have not, resulting in a piecemeal approach where many still use time-consuming paper documents at each stage of the supply chain. According to recent data from IATA, current eAWB penetration is below 50%. These cumbersome processes, combined with fragmented information sharing through multiple systems, affect productivity and impede transparency and visibility. Key stakeholders are unable to share data electronically due to the expense of current messaging options and the need for specific hardware.

Additionally, CargoMessenger eliminates the time-consuming proof-of-condition process.

“As just one example, Apple products shipped through Miami for the South American market require digital photos before shipping to show proof of condition throughout the shipping process,” says CargoMatrix vice-president Karen Clausen. “CargoMessenger’s ProovV, using smart tagging, will allow operators to share images and to drag and drop tags right on the picture.”

CargoMessenger will eradicate the need for paper-based documentation and will be available on mobile devices and track and trace. At present, these require different tracking systems; going forward, they will all be available on just one platform. CargoMessenger is an interactive social media communications platform for cargo; it will accelerate and facilitate collaboration, resulting in higher performance levels, and is available instantly, without any expensive hardware requirements.

CargoMessenger can be downloaded free from the App store and will offer the facility for proving condition from start to finish of the shipping process. Later, modular versions will be available for purchase and will include handling management systems and enterprise.