Preston, MD – Choptank Transport, a Maryland-based logistics provider, has generated an interesting new way to raise money for an association that is at the heart of its own industry – the Transportation Intermediaries Association, particularly its political action committee (TIA-PAC).
The idea came to the president and CEO of Choptank Transport, Geoff Turner, a former Chair of TIA, when approving one of his own company’s logoed t-shirts. What would happen, he wondered, if the next shirt the company designed for its employees sported a cool, retro artwork; a shirt that everyone ‘had’ to have? Proceeds from the sales of these shirts would go to the TIA-PAC.

There are more than 16,000 third-party logistics companies (3pls) nationwide with somewhere in the neighborhood of 126,000 employees. If every 3pl employed this marketing strategy using their own logos, this business model could raise substantial funds.

Choptank Transport has been a member of the TIA since 2004. Often referred to as the “watchdog group” for the North American third-party logistics industry, TIA has created a single voice in Washington for the industry while adding creditability to the profession by promoting a standard of fair and ethical business practices.