After hearing testimony from exploited workers at LA’S Port, City of LA’s Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee approves motion to explore solutions to end “modern day sharecropping” at Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles, CA - After 15 strikes, more than 1,000 claims for wage theft, numerous lawsuits, a national exposé unequivocally validating port workers’ demands for justice, and a global backlash to the abuse of Amazon warehouse workers and drivers in light of the announcement that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now has the “single largest personal fortune on the planet,” misclassified port truck drivers and warehouse workers experiencing wage theft, racism, and discrimination on Port of LA property provided emotional testimony to the City of LA’s Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee. After hearing the pleas of the workers and community supporters, the Committee unanimously adopted the motion, which now moves to the full City Council for a vote. A vote is anticipated in approximately two weeks.

“It is not acceptable for companies to be profiting off people who are being exploited on public property. We are going to do everything we can to help,” said Council Member Joe Buscaino.

“I remain haunted by the first gentleman who spoke tonight. The stories we’ve heard are moving and appalling and disgusting. This is modern day sharecropping,” said Council Member Mike Bonin. “It is incumbent on us to do whatever we can to try to fix this.”

Source: Justice for Port Truck Drivers