Further to the information published on the filing for receivership of Hanjin Shipping, we understand that this news may have raised concerns with regards to the transport of goods that you have entrusted to CMA CGM.

Hanjin Shipping, apart from being a member of CKYHE Alliance, is a partner of CMA CGM Group on 5 out of the Group’s 200 shipping lines.

CMA CGM is committed to the quality and efficiency of the service we offer our customers, and we have therefore activated on August 30th a contingency plan with the following preventive measures:

CMA CGM group sent to Hanjin Notice of termination on each service with immediate effect

Hanjin containers, already onboard on CMA CGM Group vessels, will be discharged to the final destination

CMA CGM Group no longer loads its containers on Hanjin Shipping vessels

All CMA CGM Group containers currently on Hanjin vessels are being unloaded and will be transshipped onto vessels of CMA CGM and other partners

Please be assured that we are actively monitoring the situation to address any issue that might occur and ensure flawless continuity of service.

We will contact you soon with further details regarding your containers’ status.

We will continue to offer you a high quality of service, as we have always done for the past 38 years.