Del-Nat Tire Corp. trades inefficient paper-based system for RADIO BEACON WMS

Automated solution helps tire distributor increase inventory accuracy by 90%; order fulfillment speed by 35%

Radio Beacon Inc., a developer of warehouse management software for 3PLs, manufacturers and distributors, today announced that Del-Nat Tire Corporation is using RADIO BEACON WMS in its 500,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. RADIO BEACON’s integration with Microsoft Great Plains software has enabled Del-Nat to deliver superior customer service by improving inventory control, order fulfillment speed and worker productivity.

Del-Nat Tire Corporation, a private-brand tire distributor, operates a busy warehouse where nearly 700,000 product units move through 68 dock doors every day. Moving from a paper-based warehouse system to RADIO BEACON WMS has streamlined the company’s warehouse operations, helping it increase overall order fulfillment speed by 35 per cent and inventory accuracy by 90 per cent. Del-Nat Tire Corporation is now able to automatically track inventory locations, and no longer relies on staff memory to locate products.

“With the RADIO BEACON WMS in place we have complete visibility into all our inventory processes,” said Glen Tosco, Information Technology Manager, Del-Nat Tire Corporation. “We can now make more informed business decisions, and the solution makes us much more efficient, ultimately boosting our customer service.”

Del-Nat Tire Corporation deployed RADIO BEACON WMS with wireless hand-held data terminals from Hand Held Products and Cisco access points, giving it access to a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time WMS solution.

“To stay competitive means that distributors must constantly improve accuracy, efficiency and customer service. We are proud RADIO BEACON has contributed to Del-Nat’s on-going commitment to customer service.” said Dale Jeffries, president, Radio Beacon Inc. “RADIO BEACON has helped Del-Nat maximize its operations and will continue to grow with the company in the future.”