It has been reported that Hanjin Shipping, a member of CKYHE Alliance, has applied for court receivership today. As a member of CKYHE Alliance, Evergreen Line has prepared for this crisis and has activated a contingency plan.

Evergreen Line has adopted the following counter measures in the Hanjin Shipping case effective immediately:

1. No Evergreen Line cargo will be loaded on the vessels operated by Hanjin Shipping.

2. Hanjin Shipping cargo will not be allowed to load on the vessels operated by Evergreen Line.

Evergreen Line, as the Carrier to issue the Bill of Lading for the shipment under Evergreen Line’s custody, will not prejudice to cargo owner’s rights. Evergreen Line undertakes all Carrier’s obligations and responsibilities under the governing Bill of Lading clauses will remain binding in all circumstances.

Evergreen Line commits to offer a stable service network and continue to provide quality service to its valued customers.