SilvaStat360 is designed to help subscribers make important business decisions faster by providing access to Forest2Market’s proprietary market data and analytics as well as government-generated economic and environmental data in one easy to use platform.

Charlotte, NC, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—Forest2Market, Inc., a global provider of data solutions for the wood fiber supply chain, has officially launched SilvaStat360, the company’s new technology-enabled business intelligence platform. Forest2Market is planning a phased release of additional modules and supplemental data in the coming weeks via the new platform.

SilvaStat360 is a flexible, customizable digital environment that provides customers with the on-demand data that is most important to them. Going forward, Forest2Market will deliver all of its products and services on SilvaStat360; subscribers will no longer need to visit multiple websites to query and download all the datasets they require to make critical business decisions.

The new business intelligence platform includes all of the best features, security and confidentiality of Forest2Market’s legacy reports, plus more robust analytics for today’s global business environment.

SilvaStat360 features include:

  • 24/7/365 access to data
  • Access to historical trend/time series data
  • A single warehouse for all data needs, including Forest2Market’s proprietary pricing datasets and other 3rd party data (in the United States, for instance, this includes Federal Reserve Economic Data, USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis data and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration precipitation data)
  • Instantaneous conversions to other units, grade scales and currencies to enable strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Ability to download data (for additional analysis) and presentation-ready graphics (for use in budgets, strategic plans and presentations)

The structure of the new system also allows for easy customization. “If a subscriber wants to see additional analytics, or to view the data in an alternative way, he or she requests a brief consultation with one of our sales representatives and a developer,” says Pete Coutu, Vice President of Sales at Forest2Market. “Within days, the new analytic will be available, and in most cases, it can be integrated in to the company’s dashboard, making it possible for others in the company to view the new analytic online.”

“We are excited to officially roll out the new SilvaStat360 platform to our customers and partners within the forest industry,” said Pete Stewart, Forest2Market’s President and CEO. “What started as a visionary project has now become a reality, and the result is a comprehensive platform that enables our customers to efficiently access massive amounts of data. SilvaStat360 is the new information benchmark in the forest industry, and it will provide our customers with all of the tools they need to quickly, consistently and confidently make better business decisions.”