Maynard, MA – Kuebix, creator of a transportation management system that delivers true freight intelligence, today announced that over 1000 users have adopted Kuebix Shipper since its launch on October 23. Kuebix Shipper is the industry’s first free multimodal TMS that offers unlimited rating, booking and tracking of TL, LTL and parcel freight. The first wave of users validates the company’s belief that eliminating the price barrier will supercharge the use of TMSs, resulting in an industry where shippers focus on greater logistics challenges and achieving business benefits.

“By creating a free TMS with capabilities once reserved for larger enterprises, shippers of all sizes are now empowered to control their freight operations, gain visibility of their shipments, manage freight more efficiently, and lower their freight spend,” said Dan Clark, Founder and President of Kuebix. “We’re on track to build this large community with tens of thousands of users, helping shippers improve their operations through greater collaboration.”

Kuebix Shipper was launched on October 23 and has already experienced an impressive adoption rate. The free, cloud-based TMS provides shippers with easy on-boarding of carriers, which enables users to be up and shipping faster than with any other system. Kuebix Shipper is the only Free TMS on the market today offering unlimited rating, booking and tracking of LTL, TL and parcel freight.

“With the 1-2 combination of a free and unlimited TMS, I believe we paved the way for widespread use of TMS by businesses with supply chains large and small,” adds Clark. “Shippers can now begin to book and manage their shipments in the time it takes to purchase a flight online.”

As the Kuebix worldwide shipping community expands, Kuebix users can collaborate with others across supply chains to cash in on lower rates and opportunities to match capacity with demand, resulting in increased supply chain efficiency.

For more complex supply chains, Kuebix can be configured with Premier Applications and Integrations for added functionality.