Landstar rated 9th among top 20% for Wall Street Journal’s Honor Roll of Companies

Landstar System, Inc. made The Wall Street Journal’s Honor Roll of companies in 76 industries with straight-A ratings ranked on five-year average compound annual total returns through year-end 2004. Landstar ranked ninth in the top 20% of companies evaluated for the past one, three, five and 10 years.

In the 10th Annual Shareholder Scoreboard of the 1,000 best stock performers, the financial newspaper ranked Landstar ninth on its Honor Roll, showing a 93.6% one-year return ending in 2004, a 59.6% three- year return, a 47.1% 5-year return and a 24.6% 10-year return. The returns are average compound annual total returns—including price changes and reinvestments from any dividends or other cash or non-cash distributions—for the period through year-end 2004.

Landstar outranked eight other companies in the Trucking and Transportation category based on five-year returns. The $2 billion company’s one-year return was 42 percentage points higher than the industry group average, 26 percentage points higher than the group’s three-year average return, nearly 20 percentage points higher than the group’s five-year average return, and 10.5 percentage points higher than the group’s 10-year average return.

“The numbers speak for themselves. Landstar’s unique business model, and our reputation as a safe, reliable third-party transportation capacity provider continues to provide growth opportunities for investors, our independent small business owners and third-party capacity providers,” said Landstar President and CEO Henry Gerkens. “The Wall Street Journal is arguably the nation’s leading financial newspaper. We’re proud to be recognized as an industry leader by such a well-respected financial publication.”

The Scorecard was published in the February 28, 2005 issue of The Wall Street Journal.