This month, Lhyfe (EURONEXT: LHYFE) – one of the world’s pioneers in green and renewable hydrogen production for mobility and industry – is taking part in the following trade shows and events:

European Hydrogen Week (Brussels, Belgium) - 20-24 November

Hall 7 - Booth K9

Solutrans (Lyon, France) - 21-25 November

Hall 1 - Booth F20

Les Assises de l’Economie de la mer ( Nantes, France) - 29 November

- Speech by Ghislain Robert, Sales Director France, at Conference 6 "Green hydrogen: when will the sector be mature? "


Earlier in the month:

H2 Green Forum (Madrid, Spain) - 7 November

Speaker slot by Franz Bechtold

- 12h55 - FACE TO FACE STORAGE : Renewable energy storage systems, batteries.

What are the requirements of storage and storage systems for H2 renewable, hydropower.

Analysis of costs associated with such storage systems.


During this intervention, Lhyfe's real and operating renewable H2 plants in France (Onshore and Offshore) will be presented. Construction, operation and logistics. And the new plants in start-up phase in France.

Salon Made in Val de Loire (Tours, France) - 7 November

Stand 54

Les Assises de l’Industrie (Paris, France) - 8 November

- 10.25 - Philippe Desorme at the round table on "Technological innovation: the role of industrial start-ups and deeptech in France's leadership".


Energies Renovables i sobirania : 11 jornades internacionals (Tarragona, Spain) - 14 November

- 10h15 - Franz Bechtold : Emmagartzematge energètic