M-Star Freight Services have recently handled a delivery of project cargo from the Netherlands to Germany for fellow PCN members, FREJA Transport & Logistics. The cargo involved is part of the extension of a paper producing factory and M-Star organised the door-to-door delivery by truck and barge, using the port of Rotterdam, to Germany. Along with several additional containers and units, the details of the largest pieces were as follows.

Unit 1: 15.55 x 3.89 x 3.96m / 47,796kgs - Reloaded from breakbulk

Unit 2: 7.70 x 3.48 x 3.56m / 8,460kgs - Reloaded from 40ft flat containers

M-Star’s scope of services included receiving, unstuffing, unlashing, securing, special deeploader transport, trucking and barge transport.

Peter Terhorst at M-Star concludes; “Please contact us anytime for rates or requests on sales@mstarfreight.com. We are getting things done - Designed to your expectations.”

M-Star Freight Services are PCN members in the Netherlands and Georgia and FREJA Transport & Logistics are members in Denmark, Finland and Norway.