Maersk Line announced further specific service discontinuations and gate/routing changes for select international service to/from various locations across the CSXT Intermodal Network.

Service Discontinuations

Origin TerminalName Destination Terminal Name Schedule Type Last Date to Ingate
Cincinnati Portsmouth APMT International 11/9/2017
Cincinnati Portsmouth NIT International 11/9/2017
Cincinnati Portsmouth PMT International 11/9/2017
Portsmouth APMT Cincinnati International 11/9/2017
Portsmouth NIT Cincinnati International 11/9/2017
Portsmouth PMT Cincinnati International 11/9/2017

*The above changes are in additional to the published changes from November 6, 2017

Service Changes

Cargo booked Toronto to Philadelphia will no longer go over Buffalo rail (per your original advisory) however will be trucked. Weight limits are up to 56,000 lbs. Any cargo booked 44,000 lbs. – 54,000 lbs. will be assessed an overweight fee of $325. Anything 54,001- 56,000 lbs. is $425. Anything in addition will not be able to move via all motor to Philadelphia.

Maersk Line is now trucking containers in one of the affected lanes. It is critical to stay within the weight limits, otherwise cargo will not be able to move with this new form of transportation.