In connection with the upcoming Golden Week period, Maersk Line has endeavored to balance their network to match reduced demand for the next several weeks. The aim is to minimize the impact to customers by securing alternative routings wherever possible.

This is the first update to inform you of the new blanking schedule. Maersk Line will share more details about revised routings as soon as they become available.

2017 Golden Week Blanking Program

Below are the Far East to North America Sailings and port calls affected.

Week 40

  • TP8 Guthorm Maersk 740N, ETD Xingang 03/10/2017, blank sailing
  • TP6 MSC Ariane 739E will induce Busan
  • TP2 Maersk Enshi 740N will induce Yokohama, Ningbo
  • TP1 Mongoose Hunter 740N, ETD Kaohsiung 03/10/2017, blank sailing
  • TP9 Irenes Warwick 740N will induce Seattle
  • TP12 Maersk Sana 740E, ETD Shekou 06/10/2017, blank sailing
  • TP11 Maersk Sarnia 740E will induce Baltimore
  • TP16 Conti Makalu 740E induces NWK

Week 41

  • TP8 Maersk Altair 741N, ETD Xingang 10/10/2017, blank sailing
  • TP6 Maersk Esmeraldas 740N will induce Busan
  • TP2 Maersk Eubank 741N will induce Yokohama, Ningbo
  • TP16 Maersk Seoul 740E, ETD Hong Kong 16/10/2017, blank sailing
  • TP10 Maersk Dhahran 741E will induce Busan