The truck was recently handed over to the Red Cross during an official ceremony. It will be used to provide emergency support in the Netherlands.

Emergencies in the Netherlands

“The Dutch Red Cross often provides support during crisis situations in the Netherlands, together with local authorities,” says Carine Miras, Head of National Emergency Support in the Netherlands. “For example, we provide shelter for people during a fire at a retirement home, or when a train has been derailed. A situation like that occurs once every two weeks. In addition, the Red Cross provides first aid during various events. We often need materials –such as stretchers and blankets- on site to do our work – and we need a truck to transport them.” Practical

“The Red Cross does important work and we wanted to help the organization on a practical level with something they could put to good use,” says Theo Kroese, Director of Marketing & Communication at Mammoet, “Moreover, it’s connected to our own area of expertise.”


The Red Cross is very happy with the gift, says Carine Mieras. “It’s obviously great to receive a new truck. Our previous truck was almost sixteen years old and was ready for replacement. It wasn’t very environmentally friendly. During crisis situations in the inner cities, we would sometimes receive fines for driving our truck into a low emission zone. We are very happy that Mammoet recognized this problem and decided to help us out.”