NEW YORK - MTS Logistics, a New York-based shipping and logistics company, today announced that its 7th Annual Bike Tour for Autism, held on Saturday, June 10th, saw over 110 bikers bike across Manhattan and Brooklyn for a great cause – Autism Awareness.

All proceeds from the event were donated to New York-based charity Spectrum Works, which builds recognition of autism and helps young adults with autism find a job. According to the charity, 80% of adults with autism are unemployed, and MTS Logistics is working with the charity to reduce that number in the future.

MTS Logistics has long advocated for the cause of autism awareness, holding its Annual Bike Tour for each of the past seven years. It has grown every year, becoming the largest such event in the shipping and logistics industry in the United States. The company also sponsored a book called The Book on Autism, where all income generated goes directly to autism charities.

We would like to thank Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), one of the world’s largest steamship lines, for recognizing our event and making a large donation to Spectrum Works. The joint effort between MSC and MTS Logistics will help solve the autism unemployment problem, one small step at a time.

Thank you to every participant who biked and helped us spread the word, becoming part of this great effort to raise autism awareness and grow access to jobs for those with autism. This year, participants included individuals from the major global steamship lines, shippers, importers, customs brokers, and other companies within the logistics industry.

Details of the Event: Bikers started to ride at Pier 84 in Manhattan at 7:30 AM – Tier 1-only riders completed 45 miles, while bikers who went on to Tier 2 completed an additional 32 miles successfully. Riders then had a break at Brighton Beach for a delicious and healthy brunch. During our brunch, we had an artist painting the autism logo for people who wanted to participate in the #GoSpectrumBlue challenge. After brunch, we rode back to our starting point in Manhattan.

Sedat Saka, President of MTS Logistics, said, “Increasing interest and a growing number of annual participants, year-over-year, proves that MTS Logistics is on the right track to make a difference and do well by doing good, setting an example in the shipping and logistics industry. MTS Logistics truly appreciates each participant taking place in this event and helping us to give back.”