Will Build on Successful Shipments of Over 3,000 Tons in Just 4 Months Vaahika’, an online marketplace venture focusing on intercity goods transport, today announced that it has successfully executed shipment of more than 3,000 tons of manufactured goods from Jaipur to various locations across the country using its innovative marketplace model. Vaahika has grown at a remarkable pace of 50% Month-on-Month (MOM) in its count of shipment executions, since initiation of its services in October, 2015. The founders of Vaahika have an IIT/IIM background and they started the company to solve the existing problems of the interCity goods transport industry using an online marketplace bidding platform. The strength of this platform lies in its simplicity and ease of use. In just a few seconds, a manufacturer can place its transportation requirement online; which becomes immediately visible to all registered transporters on the chosen route. Interested transporters can then place their quote using an app-based solution; which in turn becomes visible to the manufacturer. The entire process of placing a load requirement and acceptance of freight can be completed seamlessly in just a matter of few minutes. The success of Vaahika’s innovative platform is evident from the increasing number of satisfied manufacturers and the acceptance received from the transporter community in a span of just 4 months. Vaahika already has more than 170 vendors and 110 clients on-board. Thrilled by the initial results, the team is now gearing up to expand operations from its base in Jaipur, to other cities in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Vaahika is aiming to facilitate execution of more than 1 million truck loads a year by 2020 with presence in the major industrial cities in India. “Coming from a family which has been in transportation services for over 3 decades, we realize the pain points existing in the industry. We have grown up seeing our elders spending their entire time over phone addressing logistic issues and wanted to replace the existing system with a seamless easy-to-use solution,” said Siddharth Jain, Co-Founder,Vaahika. The burgeoning Indian logistics industry is poised to be valued over a $130 billion. Yet, the sector suffers from lack of organization and an ancient mind-set. Vaahika aims to leverage technology as a disruptive enabler to bring in enhanced efficiencies in this critical sector. “Vaahika is committed to help transporters by bringing new technology that can make them expand their operations profitably and efficiently. It also aims at bringing new age telematics solutions to support transporters in longer run,” said Shashank Jain, Co-Founder, Vaahika. Vaahika is aiming to target transporters who are keen to adopt technology in the form of trackers, smartphones, freight data and fuel proliferation sensors among others technology and mobile apps. Vaahika is on top of this disruption in logistics with the use of an innovative marketplace model enabled by technology and mobility.