Winnipeg - The upcoming introduction of mandatory Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) in Canada and the United States is designed to enhance road safety in the trucking industry. Many industry insiders fear that the legislation will have potential negative side effects including a reduction in driver revenue. Transport industry veteran, Daniel Santos believes his new online platform Evotrux offers a solution.

ELDs, which become mandatory across North America in early 2018, will replace manual logs to more accurately track hours of service. The device synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time and other data. Although the new system has the potential to eliminate logging more hours on the road than is legally allowed, reducing driver fatigue and improving safety, there are also potential costs.

“Drivers have a legitimate concern that ELDs will reduce their revenue—some expect that as many as five to ten per cent of drivers may leave the industry as a result,” says Santos, who is the founder of Evotrux. “With an estimated 2.5 million trucks on the road in Canada and the U.S., that could mean up to 250,000 fewer trucks to move goods. Fewer trucks will mean higher demand and higher demand will equal higher prices, which will eventually find their way to the consumer.”

The Evotrux platform can mitigate these effects by reducing inefficiencies in the transport industry to benefit both shippers and carriers. Santos describes the Evotrux platform as somewhat like an online dating site by matching those looking to move shipments with those who can move them. It also has a bit of eBay-style bidding rolled into it.

“Right now, carriers and shippers aren’t able to find each other easily, which wastes time and resources. Evotrux will change that,” says Santos. “As shippers reach out to market through the system, carriers will place bids on their shipments. This allows shippers to have multiple shipments out to market at the same time while receiving real-time pricing from available carriers. They no longer have to sit on the phone or email negotiating one load at a time, and it helps carriers maximize their availability and minimize empty miles.”

With the real potential of significantly fewer trucks on the road after the implementation of mandatory ELDs, Evotrux will help shippers get more of their freight out to market and carriers more freight opportunities than ever before. This helps both sides improve their efficiencies, which in turn decreases costs and improves profits at a challenging time in the industry.

As part of the pilot for the Evotrux platform, Santos is offering a one-month free trial to industry partners who sign up during December.