The mayor of Tianjin Municipality, Mr. Dai Xianglong recently named OOCL’s eighth ‘SX-class’ container vessel, ‘OOCL Tianjin.’ The Chairman of OOIL, Mr. CC Tung, hosted the ceremony, which was attended a number of officials from Tianjin Municipality, including the Vice Mayor, Mr.Wang Xing-guo, as well as Mr. Wang En-de, Board Chairman of Tianjin Port (Group) Ltd., Mr.Yu Rumin, President of Tianjin Port (Group) Ltd, and Mr Chi Geun Cho, Executive Vice President of Samsung Heavy Industries- where OOCL Tianjin was built.

“The Port of Tianjin is the greatest comparative advantage of Tianjin,” said Mr. Wang Xing-Guo at the ceremony. “In 2004, the amount of trade through the port of Tianjin reached US$67.8 billion, an increase of 47% compared with 2003. The throughput of Port of Tianjin has exceeded 200 million tons, 70% of which was accounted for by foreign goods collected and stored in Tianjin before being sent to designated markets.

“Morover, with the growth of the Bohai-Rim Economic Circle, especially the Tianjin Coastal New Area, which has become an important economic zone in the circle, with heavy government investment in the development of an advanced international sea-port and a metropolitan in the Northern China, Tianjin is gaining more of the world’s attention,” he continued. “The service ability and influencing power of Tianjin to the surrounding areas will be further increased. OOCL Tianjin, dedicated to Tianjin, named in Tinajin and departing from Tianjin for its maiden voyage, will bring an increasing understanding of Tianjin to the world.

“Over the years, OOCL and the port of Tianjin have collaborated extensively. As a hub port, OOCL has made regular calls to Tianjin on its Trans-Pacific, Asia-Europe and Intra-Asia services. OOCL brings in raw materials and semi-finished products to feed the industrial development of Northeast China as well as imports for local consumption. OOCL also helps in the export and distribution of finished products to world markets,” said Mr Tung.

“This collaboration has allowed OOCL to enhance its service to customers in terms of their transportation and logistics needs, especially in Northeast China. OOCL Tianjin is dedicated to the port and the city, signifying the importance OOCL assigns to Tianjin as a strategic hub port in its service to the China market,” he added.

Mr.Yu Rumin, President of Tianjin Port (Group) Ltd said,” The collaboration of OOCL with the port of Tianjin has been growing more intensive and extensive. The naming of OOCL Tianjin in Tianjin further signifies the close cooperation between the two parties. The Tianjin Port authority will continue to support OOCL in its efficient business operation at the Port of Tianjin, which in turn contributes to the trade development of Tianjin.”