The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) recently held its annual Members Meeting in Long Beach, California, during which delegates discussed key issues such as electrification, environmental management, and advanced technologies, and how the global ports and terminals industry can best apply developments in these areas to meet future challenges.

This was the first time that PEMA has held on event in the US and combined a series of “master class” seminars hosted at the Port of Los Angeles, alongside panel discussions and networking events that provided extensive opportunities for delegates to exchange ideas and experiences on best practice, recent developments, and likely future trends.

Guest speaker sessions included speakers from the twin Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles who presented on, ‘The Increased Complexity of Port & Terminal Operations’; and ‘Sustainability in Ports & Terminals’. There was also a joint presentation from two industry analysts looking at the state of the market with a focus on North America and examining the effects of recent events such as carrier alliances and the Panama Canal expansion.

This year’s wide-ranging programme was well attended and underlined the extent to which PEMA has grown in scope and membership in recent years. The Association welcomed its one hundredth member earlier this year.

“I was very impressed to see the maturity and expansion of what PEMA is today from what it was several years ago. The value to the participating equipment manufacturers and solutions providers is apparent,” Sean Pierce, speaker from Mercator.

The Association would like to thank the meeting’s sponsors – container handling equipment and systems manufacturer Paceco Corp, mobile electrification systems supplier Vahle, and lighting and scanning systems specialist Phoenix Terminal Solutions – whose support made the event such a success.

In addition to organising member events and hosting seminars at industry trade shows, PEMA regularly publishes information papers, independent research reports, and technology briefings that inform decision makers in the ports and terminals sector about the design, manufacture and operation of port equipment and technologies worldwide.

While the Association does not – and may not – advocate specific technologies, it does seek to contribute to industry awareness of issues and options that ports and terminals may wish to consider. Topics covered in recent PEMA publications include container weighing, crane fatigue, container yard automation, and laser technologies.