New industrial facility to be built within Grand Port Maritime De Dunkerque

DMT is planning to set up a factory to produce construction materials in the Eastern Port of Dunkirk. The President of Dunkirk Urban Community and the representatives of DMT and Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque met this week to discuss the plan to build a new industrial facility on land belonging to Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, where DMT plans to set up a factory to produce construction materials.

The project represents a total investment of €40 million over two years, and will lead to the creation of 70 direct jobs at startup. This new business will also have very positive impacts in terms of shipping traffic for the Port, at both import and export, and orders for subcontracting to industrial service companies.

Building this new factory within the port of Dunkirk was an important criterion for DMT in its planning. The location offers definite logistic advantages, both at import for supplying the site with raw materials, and in shipment of the finished products by sea and rail to clients and partners in Europe.

In a full year the factory will consume 300,000 tonnes of raw materials, procured from the Iberian Peninsula and neighbouring countries. These raw materials will be imported on ships of 15,000 to 30,000 tonnes.

Said Paul Albrecht, CEO of Dunkerque Multibulk Terminal: “The location of a factory in the port district is an essential choice. It will enable us to optimise and manage logistics closely, and reduce and control the environmental impact. This location, near our port terminal and its covered storage areas and silos, will enable us to optimise goods transit by short-circuit and supply the production unit in tight flow in order to reduce the impact and constraints of barrowing.”

Stéphane Raison, CEO of Dunkerque-Port, is delighted: “Dunkerque-Port and government departments have been fully mobilised in recent months, assisting and supporting the staff of DMT in the preparation of this project. It will now enter its final stage with the launch of the public consultation, and we shall continue to work with DMT until the investment decision is confirmed. In choosing this location, DMT has demonstrated that Dunkirk’s excellent logistics services, its terminals and its industrial-port platform are definite factors in the area’s attractiveness. Implementing solutions for the setup of new industries is a priority in GPMD’s development guidelines.”

Patrice Vergriete, President of Dunkirk Urban Community, welcomed this new industrial facility: “It confirms the determination of local stakeholders to ensure that industry and amenities in our region are first-class, promoting its economic attractiveness and encouraging employment. This new factory, which will provide many jobs, demonstrates our area’s capacity to attract industry leaders and meet their expectations in terms of qualified labour and services to industry. This is the fourth industrial setup in our district in just three years, and proves that industry has recovered its vitality in Dunkirk and its region.”