Awards for plugging vessels into landside power grid, turning off diesel engines

Oakland, Calif. - Two shipping lines and a marine terminal operator are leading the clean air charge at the Port of Oakland. The Port this week honored ocean carriers MSC and Hyundai Merchant Marine for 100 percent deployment of shore power-ready vessels. It recognized Oakland International Container Terminal for connecting more than 750 ships to shore power in 2018.

“Shore power is the best way to meet the Port’s clean air goals and reduce the impact of global containerized trade on our neighbors,” said Environmental Planner Catherine Mukai, who presented awards to the three organizations at the Port’s annual State of the Port address.

Ms. Mukai said the two shipping lines connected 165 of their Oakland-bound vessels to landside power during 2018. Using shore power lets ships switch off auxiliary engines at port, thereby eliminating diesel exhaust. The result is a reduction in emissions of diesel particulate matter and greenhouse gases.

The Port has made increased shore power use a centerpiece of its emission reduction efforts. According to the most recent data, shore power reduced Oakland diesel particulate emissions 56 percent in 2017. Greenhouse gas emissions declined 28 percent.

Container ships connect to shore power via heavy cables. Terminal workers affix the cables to dockside electrical vaults. The Port praised Oakland International Container Terminal for coordinating vessel arrivals to maximize shore power use. The terminal is Oakland’s busiest.