Pt. Asia Grow Logistics, Indonesian representative of Pangea Logistics Network, is undertaking its final major project of 2016: moving heavy equipment and mining machinery parts for PT. J Resources Asia Pasifik Tbk (J Resources) - a listed Indonesian company which owns and manages gold mining and other precious metals businesses in the Australasian region.

Pt. Asia Grow Logistics is handling the movement of cargo from various suppliers on West Java Island, to the J Resources site on North Sulawesi Island, eastern Indonesia. The assignment includes collection, stowage, loading at origin port and lashing; and unloading at destination port, and delivery to site along with surveying and supervision. All cargo was loaded on a chartered vessel bound for Bitung, North Sulawesi.

As a result of the resurgence in mining, oil and gas, construction, energy and other key sectors in the last quarter of 2016, Pt. Asia Grow Logistics anticipates involvement in many more such project movements in 2017. With its dedicated projects team, experience in complex inbound customs processing, close relationships with Customs, vessel owners and port operators, even delivery to sites in the remoter islands of Indonesia will present no problems.