Huntington and Parkersburg, W.Va. - REO Logistics announces its recent acquisition of the assets of Concepts West Corp. (“Concepts West”).

The transaction will allow REO Logistics to expand its in-house suite of supply chain solutions, its manufacturing capabilities and its geographic presence, which will now exceed 3.2 million square feet, in the South/Southwest.

Concepts West has operations in Parkersburg, W.Va.; Baton Rouge, La.; as well as Freeport and Angleton, Texas. The company is a leading supplier of packaging, processing, contract manufacturing and warehousing services to the chemical industry, consumer products companies, water treatment industry, petroleum products industry, and the biologic industries.

Concepts West has always served customers with an intense focus on efficient customizable processes and technological advancements in polymer mediation services, blending, high volume bagging, roll compaction, fine spec sorting, drying, tempering, milling and screening among others.

REO Logistics is a global, multi-modal, asset based 3PL supply chain solutions provider that has been in continuous operation since 1922. The purchase of Concepts West has incorporated a suite of complementary 3rd party manufacturing capabilities into REO Logistics’ already expansive offering. With existing physical locations in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania, this geographic expansion into Texas and Louisiana will allow REO to better service its existing and future customers through this new, more robust offering.

“The acquisition of Concepts West demonstrates our corporate commitment to investing in strategic growth opportunities that allow us to better solve our customers’ problems, create opportunities for our employees, invest in our communities and build value for our shareholders.” said Rebecca Polan, CEO of REO Logistics. “Concepts West is going to bring a new level of innovation and operational excellence to our organization. Its business model and existing services are a great fit for our culture and we are excited to incorporate their creative thinkers into our team. We anticipate that the coupling of REO Logistics’ expertise in full cycle supply chain solution building with Concepts West’s manufacturing capabilities will lead to strong growth. The team we are building has a very bright future. In the meantime, Concepts West and REO Logistics are both committed to providing excellent, interruption free, service to their existing customers during the integration period.”

This is a very exciting time for the people and business of Concepts West,” said Gregg Frazier, COO of Concepts West. “We look forward to being a part of the REO Logistics operation and to the expansion opportunities this change will afford.”