German vendor of logistics software commits to Mexican economy and people.

MEERBUSCH, Germany - The decision of Riege Software to establish a branch in Mexico is driven by commitment to the developing economy of Mexico and its people. The decision to choose Querétaro as domicile for the Mexican branch was obvious since it is located at the heart of Mexico’s industrial growth area, leading technology companies have their headquarters here and Querétaro provides easy access to other major industrial cities. As Tobias Riege, COO of Riege Software points out: “In compliance with our corporate philosophy of ‘Putting people first’ our engagement in Mexico furthers our goal of providing user friendly technology from Germany. We also know that global partnerships and cooperation are best energized by local feet on the ground.”

Principal task of Riege Software MX and its employees is to drive the development and implementation of Mexican-specific features and integrations within Scope and keep it in sync with the rapidly developing logistics industry in Mexico. Scope is the company’s innovative TMS product, and designated to boost economic success but also to brighten the worklife of the most important factor in logistics – humans. In day-to-day business, Riege Software MX provides all services and support needed on-site, adding a personal touch to the digitized working world. “Regardless of electronic communication and fulfillment, our physical closeness adds the human touch promised by our company mission,” states Niels Schellingerhout, Head of Business Development at Riege Software MX.

This approach to thought and action enabled Riege Software to add functions and interfaces, in short order, to serve the demand of Mexican customers as well as to fulfill the obligatory and mandatory requirements of Mexican fiscal laws.

Currently, the Scope Mexico platform contains an impressive number of local features and functions: Mexican Tax logic, enabling customers to invoice directly out of Scope. The daily automatic download of exchange rates for the Mexican Peso from the Banco de México. The integration of the popular Mexican accounting system CONTPAQi. A feature to validate Mexican tax IDs (RFC). And last but not least, electronic invoicing and stamping (CFDI) to SAT directly from Scope.

The first steps have been made. Further steps forward will follow, for the benefit of both Riege Software and Mexican forwarders.