Dallas, Texas – Ryan, a leading global tax firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with Vusion, a provider of data analytics, including full-service fuel tax reporting for trucking companies. Vusion consolidates data from GPS coordinates, odometer readings, and fuel purchase data to create fuel tax returns and manage tax compliance for trucking companies. An estimated 50 cents per gallon in potential tax refunds exists for every gallon of fuel used, but most mid-market companies lack the resources or knowledge base to secure these refunds. Through this strategic partnership, existing Vusion clients will be introduced to Ryan’s industry-leading fuel tax experts to identify and secure millions of dollars of untapped fuel tax refund opportunities.

“Our Firm specializes in identifying and securing fuel tax recovery opportunities that drive greater client profitability and cash flow,” said G. Brint Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Ryan. “Aligning with a compliance and data analytics leader like Vusion supports Ryan’s ability to deliver innovative fuel tax savings to a broader industry audience.”

Ryan’s unique approach to identifying fuel tax refunds is widely recognized for driving value throughout entire industries. For example, Ryan successfully made the case that a tax credit applicable to auxiliary power units on aircraft should also be applied to trucks, resulting in significant savings for private and commercial trucking companies across North America.

“The dedicated tax professionals at Ryan leverage years of proven experience in securing fuels and excise tax refunds that will help our clients recover taxes they shouldn’t have paid in the past and keep more of what’s theirs in the future,” said Carl Robinson of Vusion.

“With the largest team in the country devoted to identifying fuel tax refunds, Ryan offers a wealth of understanding and expertise spanning multiple industries and many different types of tax,” said Bob Jones, Ryan’s Motor Fuels Tax Principal. “Our practice creates great client value because the taxes recovered help fund tax planning and compliance.”