ShipX, a recently launched online freight exchange, is offering less-than-truckload (LTL) shippers a modern and streamlined approach to booking freight. ShipX connects shippers to freight carriers by utilizing a user-friendly online process, surprisingly unfamiliar to the LTL freight industry.

Incorporating familiar technology that has streamlined the consumer experience in other industries, such as Travelocity in the travel market and Amazon in consumer goods, ShipX gives shippers the convenient ability to instantly compare freight rates from top-rated carriers and book shipments online for a flat-rate fee, regardless of volume.

“We’ve taken a complex process and simplified it to become an online user-experience that consumers have grown accustomed to in almost every other industry,” said Augie Grasis, CEO and founder of ShipX. “This is not a unique concept, but it is novel for an industry like LTL that has historically been mired by needless complexity.”

ShipX targets its online freight exchange to small businesses nationwide that ship less frequently who, until now, have relied on limited resources or middlemen to handle shipping needs. By automating the booking process, ShipX has effectively removed the need for costly middlemen while only charging a small flat fee for their service. ShipX saves shippers time, money and allows them to free up resources to focus on their core businesses.

“In many ways, shipping is a necessary evil for small businesses,” explained Grasis. “The traditional process is time consuming, complex and if a company is not moving high-volume freight, it can be difficult to negotiate fair rates. Now is the right time to reinvent the shipping process through a service like ShipX that eliminates barriers to help make shipping LTL quick, easy, and less expensive.”

In addition to benefits ShipX provides shippers, carriers also find value in the ability to work directly with shippers instead of through third-party logistics companies and offer carriers the opportunity to dynamically price their freight based on supply and demand to fill empty trucks. Plus, credit card payments allow carriers to receive funds 48 hours post booking.