Minneapolis, Minn., June 15, 2017 – SICK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification solutions for factory, logistics and process automation, today announced that its LD-LRS3611, LMS111 and LMS531 laser scanners have completed operational testing and evaluation by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. (Safe Skies) at Safe Skies’ Perimeter Test Facility.

“We are thrilled that we have completed testing with Safe Skies,” commented Trygve Behny, SICK’s security and building automation sales manager. “SICK’s laser scanning technology (commonly referred to as LIDAR) helps provide security to critical areas of U.S. infrastructure, including our nation’s airports. Our intelligent laser-based systems help monitor facility perimeters from unwanted breaches as well as perform other important security applications,” he concluded. The evaluation reports, which are entitled, ASSIST PTF: SICK, Inc. LD-LRS3611, LMS111, and LMS531 Laser Scanner Systems and were issued in October 2016 and January 2017, are available for distribution to Airport Security Coordinators at US commercial service airports.

Safe Skies is an independent, third-party, non-profit organization funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, and conducts rigorous and thorough tests to detect threats, nuisance and false alarms, reliability, and maintainability within active airport operational and environmental conditions. Safe Skies performs its evaluations under an ISO 9001:2015-approved Quality Management System.