LOWELL, Ark. – Every fleet faces the problem of electrical systems with parasitic loads. Parasitic loads are small drains on batteries from electrical accessories that deplete them slowly over time. This can lead to dead batteries when you least expect them.

The Solar Bolt™ and Solar Dash™ are two solar products from Purkeys that help to counter parasitic loads. These supplemental charging systems keep batteries topped off even when the truck and trailer are not in motion.

The Solar Bolt is installed on the roof of a trailer to provide a constant charge to electrical accessories, such as liftgate batteries and reefers. The Solar Dash is plugged into a 12 V power port and placed on the dash to help keep tractor batteries charged over periods of inactivity.

Having these products installed on your vehicles and trailers will ensure that when you need your batteries to work, they’ll be charged and ready. Batteries kept at a high state of charge are healthier and last longer, providing added value and savings.

Purkeys is committed to providing trucking professionals access to innovative electrical equipment to streamline their daily tasks. During the longer days of summer, Purkeys’ solar products will supply more charge to equipment and generate even greater value for fleets.