Continuing a planned program of expansion, Target Logistic Services has just acquired Air Cargo International & Domestic, Inc. (ACI), a national air freight forwarder with headquarters in Newark, NJ and a network of offices in strategically located cities within the US.

President & CEO of Target, Chris Coppersmith made the announcement of the acquisition. Coppersmith declared, “ACI has a rich 35-year history in providing exceptional service to a loyal and growing customer base.

The company focuses primarily on domestic forwarding services which complements perfectly Target’s emphasis on international logistics.”

Coppersmith noted that ACI offers customers full service facilities in major cities as Los Angeles, Dallas and Orlando, in addition to its Newark headquarters.

Coppersmith stressed that a critical consideration in acquiring ACI was that, “We both share a similar people culture based on strong customer commitment yet with careful attention to the bottom line.

Target believes we can maximize sales and marketing efforts by offering our greater volume to similar core lanes and services.” He said that all of ACI’s sales and operations personnel will be retained. “We are particularly fortunate that ACI’s two managers, David Pfell and Oscar Rossini, have agreed to join our executive staff. Both have extensive experience and detailed knowledge of our industry. They are highly regarded by employees, customers and vendors.”

In addition to new “people power” being added to Target’s own staff, Coppersmith stated that ACI’s offices will be linked to Target’s extensive network of domestic and international facilities via an advanced IT system. “The system provides almost instantaneous tracking and retrieval information. We are offering a seamless human and technical transition for ACI customers,” Coppersmith declared.

The Target President said that discovering a genuinely quality company in freight forwarding as an acquisition candidate, “was like finding a needle in a haystack. We believe Target has found that needle in Air Cargo International & Domestic. It is a quality organization that will add to the growth and success of Target Logistic Services,” he concluded