NOVI, Michigan - Hoist Liftruck spoke to their Next Generation of Hoist Electric and the alter- nating current power that will drive them, and the company, into the future of electric technology during the first day of The Battery Show.
Already firmly established in the high-capacity forklift manufacturing industry, Hoist released the first-ever electric lift truck to run with an AC drive motor on its product line back in April 2017. The Lazer Series was, until recently, Hoist’s only electric-powered high-capacity lift truck, run with a DC drive motor. As of April 2017, though, cus- tomers can choose between Lazers with either AC or DC drive motors.

Beginning Quarter 1 2018, Hoist Liftruck will offer four additional electric models in their product line as a part of the Next Generation of Hoist Electric - the TE-Series, PE-Series, Neptune Electric Series and FR-E Series. The Laz- er Series will also be included in the Next Generation, but only with models that include AC drive motors.

Hoist Liftruck’s roots in the electric-powered high-capacity forklift industry run deep, with the company planning to continue expanding their electric-powered forklift and terminal tractor offerings. For over 120 years, Elwell-Parker, and now, Hoist Liftruck, have manufactured electric-powered material handling vehicles for customers everywhere, positioning themselves as the #1 OEM of large capacity (15,000 lbs. and above) electric forklifts in the world. In the last year, Hoist Liftruck saw its best numbers yet with large, electric-powered forklifts and was #1 industry-wide in its category, so expanding electric offerings was the next logical step for the business.