New dispatch module increases productivity with highly effective graphical format

TMW Systems, the premier developer and integrator of enterprise management software for the trucking industry, has unveiled Visual Dispatch Plus, an intuitive, calendar-based dispatch and load planning module for its flagship TMWSuite(TM). Visual Dispatch Plus gives dispatchers clear visibility and access to every driver and load in the network in a scheduling view based on time and date.

Visual Dispatch Plus provides a graphical time and calendar view of daily work schedules by driver and by order. It includes all the information that dispatchers need to manage multiple drivers with time-sensitive loads, including driver histories and available orders, who’s entering or leaving a given region, load planning and driver dispatch communications - all in a simple, easy-to-use, color-coded format. The tool also features “drag-and-drop” capabilities that enable dispatchers to easily transfer loads from one asset to another without having to re-key the information.

“Visual Dispatch Plus is a customer-driven dispatch interface design that emulates the popular ‘visual load boards’ used in the past and simplifies the dispatch process,” said Tom Weisz, president and CEO of TMW Systems. “The tool allows dispatchers to see real-time data on every load in the system at a glance and be better equipped to immediately respond to customers’ changing requirements.”

“With Visual Dispatch Plus, we can see and plan what every driver is doing on one easy-to-read screen,” explained Matt Ziegler, Sales Manager for Oak Creek, Wis.-based Transport National. “The ability to just click on each driver’s name to receive a satellite reading from the screen is a time-saving tool, and with all available loads listed in the right column it’s tough to miss a pick up or delivery. Operations has been waiting a long time for a click-and-drag program that would work for our application, and now we’ve found it.”