5 simple tips to optimize driver retention

Retaining experienced drivers is something all carriers worry about, because the rigors of trucking cause many highly qualified over-the-road drivers to burn out. However, there are some simple tips carriers can follow or pass along to encourage drivers to maintain a more balanced lifestyle while on the road — ultimately helping drivers go to work each day feeling more satisfied.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Giving drivers the opportunity to get enough regular sleep is important for preventing fatigue. Adequate sleep can also help prevent numerous health issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Drivers should be discouraged from driving overnight, which can interfere with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

2. Eat Right

Eating healthy meals on a regular schedule helps prevent fatigue, and also curbs the desire to snack while on the road. Well-balanced meals provide energy for longer stretches, promoting trucker health and alertness throughout the day.

3. Connect Drivers With The Team

Even though trucking is primarily a solitary job, it helps when drivers know they are contributing to the company’s overall success. Encouraging teambuilding among drivers through group events helps drivers feel more like they are working together toward a common goal.

4. Recognize Driver Efforts

Everyone wants to know that they are appreciated, and managers should try to find ways to recognize individual drivers for hard work and dedication. Something as simple as announcing a “Driver of the Week” can go a long way.

5. Provide Fulfillment

Maintaining work-life balance is important, even for truckers who by necessity must often “live” at their jobs for long stretches of time. Encouraging drivers to learn a second language or maintain a blog can help them relax and keep their minds off work for a little while each day.

Driver retention is one of the biggest issues in logistics management, but it is possible for managers to help drivers strike the right balance while on the road and feel more satisfied with their jobs. Following these straightforward tips might mean the difference between keeping good drivers and watching them slip away.

by Joseph Sibley