Emirates SkyCargo carries 1.26 million small fry from Athens to Fujairah

Air freighting 52 large fibreglass tanks sloshing with water and juvenile fish for more than 3300 kilometers can be an overwhelming task laced with many a potential pitfall. But it posed no problems for Emirates SkyCargo.

The unflappable cargo division recently transported the tanks from Athens to Fujairah, filled with 1.26 million sea bream fry and water, and attached with oxygen cylinders to ensure the fish got a continuous supply of air.

The entire shipment - tanks, fish, water, cylinders et al - weighed 62,400 kilos, taking up more than half the capacity and filling up the volume available in the Boeing 747-200 Freighter. Even more challenging was the effort required to individually lash the 102x100x115cms. sized tanks to the pallets.

Hiran Perera Emirates’ Vice President Cargo - Freighters said: “Yes, the cargo certainly was unusual and posed a bit of a challenge, but I’m delighted to say our staff in Athens and UAE did an excellent job. Amongst other things, we also had to get approval from the governments of both UAE and Greece to transport the oxygen cylinders.”

The shipment was for International Fish Farming Co. PJSC - Asmak, Fujairah, which supplies fish locally, regionally and internationally to the EU, the US and other countries.

Mohammed Al Muhairi, Chairman and CEO at Asmak said: “We are extremely satisfied with Emirates SkyCargo’s approach and customer service, and would like to specially mention the personal interest taken by Jassim Saif, Emirates’ Manager Cargo Sales UAE.”