UPS has upgraded Flex® Global View, the premier supply chain information tool for UPS freight forwarding customers. Flex Global View provides customers with visibility into four major areas of the supply chain: transportation, customs brokerage, supplier management, and warehousing/fulfillment. New enhancements include more descriptive alerts providing customers with shipment milestones about air, ocean and surface freight forwarding shipments. Users will also benefit from new systems-driven logic to help ensure shipment updates are more helpful and timely. Customers will have visibility to customs entries in over 20 countries added throughout 2016. Flex Global View gives customers visibility into their supply chains by providing timely updates, access to digitized documents, and proactive alerts regarding their shipping activities. Flex Global View integrates data across shipments, customs entries, and purchase orders, giving customers end to end visibility of the activities that make up their supply chain. Other features in Flex Global View allow users to set email notifications for pre-determined events or milestones and create and save customized queries of supply chain records. “UPS invests $1 billion in technology annually,” said Matthew McGee, vice president of marketing, UPS global freight forwarding. “We want to help customers operate more efficiently. Flex Global View is robust and intuitive. Our customers can easily keep track of their supply chain allowing them to make decisions with confidence.” Flex Global View users can access customized reports and query shipments using customer reference types, modes, trade lanes, purchase orders, waybills, bills of landing, and containers. Inventory status updates are also available so that supply chain managers can maintain optimal inventory levels while meeting fluctuations in customer demand. Flex Global View is provided free to UPS customers and is one part of the UPS suite of technology tools that provide visibility into both business and personal shipping. More information about Flex Global View is available at