The online gateway for less than container load transportation from Asia origins direct to door of eCommerce distribution centers

Vanguard Corporate - Long Beach, CA (July 10, 2017) – Vanguard Logistics Services (Vanguard) today launched an online gateway to easy quoting and booking of ocean transportation from Asia origins direct to door of eCommerce distribution centers globally. With an all-in transportation rate and service controlled end-to-end by Vanguard, the world’s premier LCL operator, the freight forwarding community and their customers will benefit from the lowest cost international shipping solution and single point of control offered by Vanguard. “The eCommerce revolution is driving new network designs for smaller cargo lots closer to the customer for which efficient transportation into fulfillment centers is paramount.” commented Robert Sutton, Vanguard Vice President of Domestic Solutions.

Developed to specifically meet the demands of the eCommerce sector, Vanguard’s industry leading domestic solutions delivers compliance to the highest standards expected from managed truck partners through to packing and palletizing requirements. A seamless solution for customers, Vanguard network offers control and as well as unique expedited programs for express delivery. “Through its network of CFS’s and integrated trucking partners Vanguard is uniquely positioned among less-than-container-load NVOs to deliver domestic and international integration and product innovation for customers” added Sutton.

With rates and booking available online, Vanguard delivers clients speed to market and enhanced experience to their customers. Combined with the reach and frequency of the largest global end-to-end network, Vanguard continues its service and digital leadership to support forwarders and their customers to grow their businesses. “eCommerce and Omni-channel logistics are challenging our industry and clients to deliver efficiency, automation and new ways of working. Vanguard prides itself in continuous product innovation and technology development to help our customers exceed these needs.” commented Graham Cousins, Vanguard Chief Strategy Officer.