Ho Chi Minh City - Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company’s (HOSE: VJC) Board of Directors today approved a resolution for a dividend advance payment with the rate of 20% in cash of US9 cents per share (VND2,000) for the first stage of 2017.

The registration deadline is July 31, 2017, which means the ex-dividend date is July 28, 2017. The dividend will be paid on August 15, 2017. With Vietjet’s charter capital of USD142 million (VND3,224 billion), the total dividend to be paid is equivalent to USD28.3 million (VND645 billion).

Besides the above dividend payment, Vietjet will also soon confirm the bonus share dividend at the 40% rate following the allocation of the 2016 profits, which was approved at the company’s 2017 annual shareholder meeting and now under the consideration and approval process of the States Securities Committee. In 2017, Vietjet plans to pay dividend up to 50%.

Up to the end of 2017’s first quarter, Vietjet’s audited redundancy capital was USD67.5 million (VND1,535 billion) and unallocated after-tax profit at USD91.5 million (VND2,080 billion). The business result for the year’s second quarter is expected to be better than the budgeted plan.