Today Walmart announced the launch of Project Gigaton – an initiative designed to help it reach its goal of eliminating 1 gigaton (i.e. 1 billion tons) of emissions from its supply chain by 2030. That is the yearly output of Germany – the world’s 4th largest economy.

NGOs like Environment Defense Fund will play a key role in ensuring Walmart meets this ambitious goal (EDF has been helping Walmart reduce GHG emissions for over 10 years).

Statement from EDF President Fred Krupp re: Project Gigaton

“Today business stepped up to the plate to lead on climate in a way that supports both people and the planet. Business leadership and innovation have always been an American hallmark, and that’s never been clearer than right now. With the federal government largely on the sidelines, the private sector is stepping up to advance solutions that will help business, people and nature thrive.”

“Walmart’s “Project Gigaton” goal to reduce 1 gigaton (1 billion tons) of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from the global supply chain is an impressive target, and it shows real leadership.”

“A challenge like Project Gigaton catalyzes innovative solutions around the globe. And it makes clear that companies won’t wait – nor should they. Smart companies like Walmart and the suppliers that will join them on this journey have moved far beyond the false either/or choice of a healthy economy or a healthy environment. We need both, and these businesses are leading the way.”