Huge tanks for multiple brewery projects in Ethiopia moved through Djibouti by Steder Group

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Steder Group FZCO, Djibouti, a member of both Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC and Cargo Equipment Experts CEE networks for Djibouti, are extremely busy with the movement of large brewery tanks for four significant brewery projects in Ethiopia.

Steder Groups experts are engaged with port handling and overland transportation of more than 60 tanks from the Port of Djibouti to respective jobsites in Ethiopia.

The transport arrangement is extremely complex due to the large diameters of the tanks being between 480 and 630 cms and the lenght of the tanks is between 14 and 24 meters.

All electricity lines and other obstacles need to be either cut, moved or lifted. Furthermore, the general public traffic is a big issue since the Steder Group convoys are blocking entire roads.