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Canadian breakbulk market poised for new developments

Two significant developments – one already announced and the other to come soon – will have an impact on a bustling breakbulk market in Canada.
Brazil steps into vacuum left by reduced steel exports from Russia and Ukraine

Increased domestic construction and infrastructure spending, and a positive economic outlook for 2023, could mean increased steel consumption at home.
Breakbulk Middle East highlights significance of the Gulf ports

Event underscored women’s empowerment, education, digitalization and connectivity.
Weather is bad but California’s trade numbers are sunny

California’s 2023 export trade numbers are up…will they stay that way?
Hawaii port projects prepare for bigger ships and rising seas

Hawaii’s commercial harbor system operates as a hub-and-spoke system with Honolulu Harbor as the hub and primary entry point for freight. Congestion and sea level rise could put Hawaii’s hub-and-spoke system at risk. if not addressed.
Major new building blocks transforming Port of Prince Rupert

Situated in a remote location in northern British Columbia, there appears to be no stopping of the momentum driving the Port of Prince Rupert in recent years.
West Coast boxports face new challenges

The big three boxports of California, the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland – the number one, three and seven boxports - are facing a new challenge or perhaps a new reality. They are losing market share to the East Coast and Gulf ports.
Northwest Seaport Alliance

Back in 2015 when the two rival Puget Sound ports, Tacoma and Seattle, joined forces to form the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA), the main focus was on the combined containerized throughput – and rightly so, as it is a top ten port in the United States.
Steelmakers continue decarbonization investments

Green steel attracts investment. But clean electricity remains the key.
Miami International Airport set for major expansion

Miami International Airport is expanding and that is good news for perishable shippers.
Demand for cold storage continues to increase

Despite accelerated activity by major TCL players, new capacity will likely “fall well short of market demand.”
Reefer ocean container business balances again in 2023

Ed Treacy, vice president, supply chain and sustainability, for the Newark-based International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) says that unlike what happened during the post-COVID surge, containers and chassis are not the problem and freight rates are falling.
Top four cold chain drivers in 2023

Offering reliability and predictability, the reefer market continues to grow and has proven to be more resilient in the face of supply chain disruption as the movement of temperature-controlled cargo continues to be prioritized.
Georgia Ports: expanding for future growth

Cargo operations are also being rationalized, with Savannah to specialize in handling containers while breakbulk and ro/ro will head to Brunswick. Retaining West Coast diverted freight a priority.
Distribution facilities and cold-chain infrastructure booming in Georgia

Investments in cold-chain facilities bolster booming reefer business.
Georgia’s Center of Innovation – a logistics partner

Georgia’s Center for Innovation is a big ally for logistics companies operating in the State of Georgia.
Canadian pension plans investing in foreign offshore wind projects

In the past few years, Canada’s leading pension plans have been allocating more and more investments abroad to port and other infrastructure projects. One can now add to the list recent forays into offshore wind projects, notably in the United States and Europe.
Wind energy projects on strong growth trajectory across Canada

The second largest country in the world after Russia, Canada benefits from vast areas offering abundant wind resources with significant potential for the expansion of wind-generated power.
Port of Wilmington Delaware hits the century mark

As the Port of Wilmington celebrates its centennial anniversary, Joe Cruise, CEO, GT USA Wilmington, also applauds the Delaware seaport’s recent success and plans for vast future expansion.
All cargoes are booming in the Delaware River seaports

Seaports in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Wilmington, DE, are seemingly always prospering and expanding.

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