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2023 – The year of the auto industry comeback?

Is 2023 the Comeback Year for the Auto Industry? Is it the real deal or a post-pandemic teaser?
AJOT’s 2023 Top 100 Importers

The AJOT’s Top 100 Importers chart featured annually for over two decades in the “Top North American Importers and Exporters” edition highlights the largest “importers” in terms of TEUs (Twenty-foot-equivalent units).
With e-commerce on the rise, reverse logistics takes center stage

Returns processes emerge as important element of customer experience, but there are some pitfalls to avoid.
Rail storage charges: a continuing headache for shippers

New FMC case may (or may not) provide a remedy.
Nephron Pharmaceutical’s logistics plan

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a surge in demand and South Carolina-based Nephron Pharmaceutical suddenly needed a new logistics plan.
Descartes on U.S. container import trends

Descartes Datamyne maintains the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering 230 markets in five continents. The collected data is used by many companies and public entities and is recognized as one of the most authoritative sources on international trade trends.
Retailers see stronger sales, but West Coast longshoremen contract talks a concern

Retailers expect stronger sales, but ongoing contract talks between the West Coast International Longshoremen Workers Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) are a concern.
Will government refund billions in Section 301 tariffs?

Pending court case will determine whether USTR followed implementation rules.
Florida’s Atlantic ports gear up for next flood of freight

Auto processing is also growing and is breakbulk cargo, especially forest products. And cruise ships are back, and the numbers are growing past pre-pandemic tallies.
Florida’s Gulf ports post records for 2022

Florida’s ports are growing fast. The State’s container ports are being buoyed by both the shifts to the East Coast from Asia via the Suez Canal and proximity to the Panama Canal for Transpacific freight.
The road to sustainability and reduced emissions at ports

Port stakeholders are motivated to reduce emissions and meet proposed emission reduction goals, but the new legislation must align with the maritime industry realities and account for the challenges of equipment acquisition, especially market availability and costs.
Is a restructuring of the trucking industry underway?

A quick glance at AJOT’s Top 100 North American Trucking Companies isn’t very revealing, it looks much the same as it did before COVID.
Trucking industry facing fundamental shifts in 2023

Data points to more contract carriage and away from spot market
SMC³ courses helping to fill the LTL knowledge gap

LTL is arguably the leading performance sector in trucking. But understanding the LTL market doesn’t come easy and SMC³’s educational courses are working to fill the LTL knowledge gap.
Stuck in the Mississippi mud

U.S. agricultural exports fall victim to drought and low river levels. The conundrum of the ag transportation is the barges on the Mississippi River move north-to-south while rail routes run east-to-west.
Multi-purpose vessels and HL sector cautiously optimistic for 2023

If this year’s Black Friday sales were a precursor to what 2023 will bring us, the all-time record sales of over $ 9 billion would indicate the economy is hitting on all cylinders.

Global trade in agricultural products under stress
OSRA 22 rulemaking seen as not protecting ag exporters’ interests

Agriculture shippers complain proposed FMC reg allows carriers too much leeway.
LATAM Cargo triples pharma shipments in three years

LATAM Group, the 2012 confederation of several large Latin American airlines, has placed a strong priority on pharma cargoes in the last five years and has reaped financial and reputational dividends for its efforts.
In post-COVID world pharmaceutical shipments take flight to another level

In the post-COVID world the “pharmaceutical” supply chain has taken off as healthcare delivery strategies address rising demand.

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