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STB to weigh CP/KCS merger in September hearing

Opposition to the combination has emerged; board must also consider conditions requested by railroads, shippers.
St. Lawrence Seaway building on green corridor goals

The bi-national St. Lawrence Seaway, which links the Atlantic Ocean to the industrial heartland of North America, showed considerable resiliency in facing the pandemic challenges of 2020 and 2021.
Three-port strategic alliance to bolster the St. Lawrence trade corridor

As a continental gateway, the St. Lawrence River has been the scene of many developments in the past few years.
MPP sector in seasonal slowdown… but will it bounce back in the fall?

The multipurpose fleet with the breakbulk sector has had a good run and a seasonal slowdown might be just that. But with COVID impacts and a multitude of other disruptive factors, nothing is a given now.
China, COVID and iron-ore prices

Virus-related shutdowns have negatively impacted steel demand and future uncertainty is depressing ore prices, for now.
Breakbulk lumber is booming at the Port of Lake Charles

Louisiana port is also considering development of an offshore wind facility.
Texas booming with ‘NAFTA 2.0’

South Texas’ economic growth is booming in large part because of the NAFTA treaty, in Dante Galeazzi’s view.
Port of Brownsville gets boost from USMCA

International trade through the Port of Brownsville, TX, is booming.
Wayfair’s Mento applies comic energy to leading e-commerce supply chain

A former stand-up comedian with three decades of logistics experience, Pete Mento stands out as weirdly unique among top global supply chain executives.
Cold-storage industry faces workforce issues, inflationary pressure

Americold, the largest player, managed to recover increased costs, but food production has yet to return to normal.
Notes on AJOT’s Annual Top 100 Containerports A–Z

This year’s AJOT’s Top 100 Containerports A–Z is notable for a number of reasons. It is clear from the numbers that volumes are up at ports around the world. It is also obvious that supply chain disruptions have hit the ports hard and containerships sitting at anchor awaiting berths have become a regular feature of port operations.
Last-mile deliveries: Competition heating up for sites

Whatever the facts and figures surrounding ongoing COVID-19 infections, the public discourse suggests that many political leaders and their voters are over, or want to be over, the pandemic.
Port of Baltimore enhancing role as East Coast e-commerce gateway

With expanded global service offerings and completion of a second 50-foot-draft berth, plus commencement of the much-anticipated Howard Street Tunnel project, the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore is enhancing its position as a favored East Coast hub for e-commerce and other trade.
Top 50 Logistics Tech Providers offers a glimpse into the future of the supply chain

The list, which easily could have contained two hundred Tech companies, was whittled down in part with the object of looking forward to a different supply chain than exists today.
Maersk expanding supply chain distribution capacity in Canada

With supply change issues continuing to prevail in Canada, transportation providers are paying increasing attention to offering warehouse space through distribution centers to boost resiliency and competitiveness.
Time for AI to conquer freight management complexity

The news hype about AI (artificial intelligence) and the big money investments flowing into the freight and logistics technology space seem to indicate that the industry is making great strides in adopting digitalization and using the latest forms of technology, such as AI.
Miami floral cargo pushes airport expansion

Driven in large part by burgeoning volumes of fresh cut flower imports, the Miami International Airport has plans to expand air cargo warehousing space.
Great Lakes ports benefiting from robust breakbulk trends

Canadian and U.S. Great Lake ports are upbeat about cargo prospects in 2022.
Bumps in the road for automakers in 2022

It looks like 2022 is another bump in the road for global automakers as lockdowns, chip shortages, inflation, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and anti-globalization sentiments have combined to dampen automakers’ forecasts for the year. But now, nearly halfway through 2022, what about 2023?
Transportation and infrastructure difficulties are hobbling Canada’s forest products industry

Supply-chain problems compromise rail service; shortage of industrial space hampers port operations.

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