Green Ship Technology Europe

Key themes at GST Europe in 2017 include:

Air Emissions

What can we expect now the date is set for the implementation of the 0.5% sulphur cap? How will the Roadmap to reduction of GHG emissions develop?

Innovation in Green Ship Design

What will our ships look like in 2020? How will regulations and the new technologies coming to market change the way we build our vessels?

Ballast Water Management

With 2016 seeing convention ratification, and the first treatment system receiving USCG approval, how will our approach to ballast water management change?

Future of Green Ports

Are we ready for the move to ‘smart ports’? How has digitisation changed port operations and do we have the correct infrastructure in place?

Data Management and Vessel Tracking

With implementation of the EU MRV on the horizon and the prospect of autonomous vessels no longer an abstract concept, is the industry sufficiently data literate?

Hull and Bio-fouling Management

How have anti-biofouling methods developed and what tangible results can be seen from their implementation?


March 22, 2017