MGTIC: Maritime Reverse Pitch

Maritime Global Technologies Innovation Center (MGTIC) will host a “Reverse Pitch” session at the SUNY Maritime College campus on Thursday, March 15, 2018. The Reverse Pitch will be composed of established maritime industry public/private firms and organizations seeking innovative solutions from emerging young companies.

Maritime firms pitch to entrepreneurs the critical needs they have to address enduring pain points, challenges and potential ideas for change. The specific areas included:

SHIPPING - equipment, technology, design, insurance, finance, regulatory and legal compliance, commercial and passenger.

PORTS - terminal and site management, operations, cargo movement, warehousing, offshore activities.

LAND-BASED - documentation, law, brokers, freight forwarders, chartering, beneficial cargo owners, passengers, cybersecurity, blockchain initiatives, forecasting, automation, etc. additional topics?

This involves all aspects of the maritime ecosystem including digital and non-digital industries. Entrepreneurs gain insight into specific requirements and build networks with industry innovators. Maritime interests get to source solutions from startups with unique skills.


March 15, 2018
for 3 hours


Bronx, NY

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Dr. Christopher Clott
(347) 842-1611

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