Looking for America: Highways and Bi-ways in the Drive Act

I recently took a road trip from Connecticut to Iowa to connect with old college friends. While construction annoyed and delayed our travel it was a welcome sight considering that construction in and around major cities means that future travel will be smoother. With the already short supply of commercial drivers, anything that can speed cargo on its way will be welcomed by domestic shippers. I’ve talked with truckers from New York to the Northwest and delays mean extra fees in waiting time and higher rates to the consumer. At this point the DOT has an $8 billion extension but this will cover projects only through the third quarter of fiscal year 2016.* One answer to our vehicular prayers may be S. Rept. 114-80 introduced in the Senate with regard to Highway Funding through Senate bill S. 1647. The Drive Act as it is called would add teeth to the “Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act”. Is it too little too late? As congress ponders appropriations for our highways we have no choice but to find ways to tighten the interchange between modes of surface transportation. This in itself is a challenge as truckers struggle with long delays at our nation’s ports and rail terminals and copes with shortened hours of operation. Where do we turn for answers? What are your thoughts? *
Matt Guasco
Matt Guasco


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