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Teamsters Picket Four Harbor Trucking Companies At LA/LB

The Teamsters Union began picketing four trucking companies at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and may have discouraged terminals from allowing the companies to make pickups and deliveries. The Port of Los Angeles reports “a little bit” of picket activity at the Evergreen Terminal this morning (April 28, 2015) but says, “all cargo is running smoothly.” Yesterday (April 27, 2015), the spokesman said there was picketing activity “with 20-30 picketers spread over three terminals –Trapac, Evergreen and American President Lines.” There were “occasional slow downs” when pickets crossed the streets impacting some truck traffic, he added. At the Port of Long Beach, Port CEO Jon Slangerup issued a statement on Monday, April 27, 2015: “The Teamsters union started ambulatory picketing this morning at the Port of Long Beach. The Teamsters are targeting four non-union trucking companies that transport cargo to and from four of our Port’s 22 terminal operations. Dockworkers have reported to work and truckers have been able to enter and exit the affected terminals without delay. We do not expect that there will be any adverse impact to Port terminals.” In an advisory dated April 28, 2015, the Teamsters Union Port Division said port truck drivers went on strike to “demand an end to persistent labor law violations and companies’ unwillingness to abide by regulatory agencies and court rulings.” The Teamster advisory quoted two drivers’ complaints: “We are here to make sure that these companies stop their lawless behavior. They cannot keep engaging in wage theft,” said Hector Flores, Port Truck Driver, Intermodal Bridge Transport (IBT). “We demand re-classification to employees. We know what we are doing is right, and we are not going to stop striking until these companies stop breaking the law.” “We had no choice but to go on strike again because my company is continuing to violate the law. The courts have ruled that I am an employee and that their illegal deductions from my paycheck must stop. But they keep fighting me so I am fighting back.” Humberto Canales, Port Truck Driver, Pacer Cartage.”
Stas Margaronis
Stas Margaronis


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