On a sunny day in Finland, the company delivered an Azimuth thruster and its parts to the Port of Rauma using lowbed trucks. There, it was loading aboard the vessel - the Atlantic Kestrel - and shipped to Canada.

The Azimuth thruster consists of two upper gears, one lower gear plus spare parts.

3PL Project Manager Ilya Goncharov comments:

"Life is good and easy when you have a ship like this - the Atlantic Kestrel is like a VIP yacht for breakbulk cargo!"

3p Logistics took care of the following operations:

  • Cargo Handling
  • Customs Clearance
  • Acquiring Permits & Escorts
  • Road Transport in Rauma
  • Loading onto the Vessel
  • Securing of the Cargo by Special Chains

This cargo is for a leading provider of offshore supply and port & coastal marine services, operating in the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Coastal regions, as well as the North Sea.