Have you chosen to pursue a supply chain management and logistics degree? Whether you choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business intelligence and analytics, or a master’s degree in international trade, you’ll have chosen a rather challenging, but also rewarding field of study.

Why This Degree?

This type of education will provide you with an understanding of the flow of services and goods, as well as the business operations related to them. You’ll learn about SCM or supply chain management, which focuses on producing value for the customers, boosting efficiency, and achieving advantage over the competition.

Your task will be to create a capable supply chain that promotes economic growth and development for the business. According to a Deloitte survey, 79% of the organizations that have such supply chain achieve above the average revenue growth.

That being said, companies are in a constant search for experts in this field. Once you learn to deal with the SCM factors, you’ll learn how to gain an edge in the industry of your choice. This gives you a really good chance at a great job.

But, first of all, you need to obtain the knowledge and the degree. Thankfully, I know just the places to get this.

The Best Online Schools for Supply Chain and Logistics Degrees
The popular campus of the University of Massachusetts is located in Amherst. For those who don’t have the means or the time to pursue education there, the school has made their programs accessible online. Right now, you can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on operations and information management. You don’t even have to visit the university to obtain this degree.

1. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

UMass delivers the coursework through a platform you’ll get access, too. This is where I obtained my degree, and I can tell you that the platform is incredibly simple to use and maximizes the interaction with educators and other students.

I can even give you a tip I found to be very useful while I studied there. If you struggle with meeting the endless demands for coursework projects, all you need to do is reach out to AResearchGuide and say: I need help with essay now for my online program. They are excellent at delivering it and actually helped me obtain my degree within the planned timeframe.

The Northern Arizona University used to deliver education to only those who attended their schools in Yuma and Flagstaff. Right now, they have online distance learning programs, including the popular online bachelor of business administration program.

2. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

This particular program has more than one emphasis area. The most important ones that you should know about are the logistics and supply chain management. To obtain the degree, you need to obtain 120 credits, which are usually gathered within eight semesters of full time study.

NAU’s bachelor program is accredited nationally by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and is transfer-friendly. This means that you can transfer a certain amount of credits from other accredited institutions. If you’ve decided to pursue this degree on the side while studying at the school of your choice, this is an excellent piece of news.
Based in Alabama, the Athens State University is actually a senior college that offers various graduate and completion programs in education, business, and arts and sciences. Right now, you can apply for their BS program in logistics and supply chain management, which gives you 124 credits and lasts for two years. To get into this program, you need to posses certain education credits, as well as business credits in statistics and accounting.
Although limited compared to their physical learning programs, the Murray State University has several distance learning programs you can pursue. Thankfully, these include their popular bachelor of science in business program, which naturally includes supply chain management and logistics training.

3. Athens State University, Alabama

4. Murray State University, Kentucky

The degree requires you to complete a total of 120 credits, including 27 credits of logistics and supply chain management, and 20 credits of business courses.
Distance education is very much popular when it comes to the renowned Bellevue University from Nebraska. They have numerous online programs, one of which is their supply chain, transportation, and logistics management program. What they offer is a completion program, which means that you need to already have an associate degree or a minimum of 60 college credits to enroll in this program.

5. Bellevue University, Nebraska

Have you made a decision on which program to pursue? Check the details and the requirements, see which curriculum fits your needs, and definitely start this challenge. Once you become an expert in this field, it will be worth your while!

Author’s Bio

Emma Rundle is a supply chain management expert who does freelance advisory work for many companies in the US. She has obtained her Master’s degree in an US-based university and worked at several popular companies ever since. Thanks to her success and expertise, Rundle has decided to take on a freelance business on her own, in which she thrives.