AAR President and CEO Ian Jefferies issued the following release regarding the Surface Transportation’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on forced switching.

“The withdrawal of the ill-conceived 2016 forced switching proposal is a positive development, as the extensive record developed by this Board on that proposal clearly demonstrated that it was both unwise and unworkable. In its place, the Board has proposed a new, service-based approach, which AAR is reviewing to understand its scope and possible impact on rail service and network fluidity.

“While the STB did not perform a cost-benefit analysis, any new regulation must be backed by data, narrowly tailored to address a specific and well-defined problem, and ensure benefits exceed costs. Any switching regulation must avoid upending the fundamental economics and operations of an industry critical to the national economy -- that Congress saved once by partially deregulating – and be subject to the highest level of scrutiny. AAR looks forward to engaging with the Board on this important matter.”