The following statement is on behalf of Americans for Free Trade in response to the extension of the China Section 301 tariff exclusions by the United States Trade Representative.

“Americans for Free Trade appreciates the short-term extension of the China Section 301 tariff exclusions by USTR which continue to be needed to provide economic relief for American businesses. These exclusions are needed to provide economic relief for American businesses, especially during a time of unprecedented disruptions to global supply chains. However, we are frustrated that USTR announced this short-term extension with little notice, making it difficult for businesses to plan. While we appreciate the opportunity to comment on extending the exclusions, USTR must ensure every action it takes under its Section 301 authority is transparent and offer stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the results of the review.

“We strongly urge USTR not to sunset the exclusions as indicated and again call upon the agency to provide more advance notice regarding the existing exclusions as well as provide a robust and transparent exclusion process for all products that continue to be subject to the China Section 301 tariffs.

“We also renew our call for USTR to immediately release the results of the four-year review of the China Section 301 tariffs, which has been ongoing since May 2022. We are disappointed that USTR continues to drag out this review despite receiving hundreds of comments from businesses large and small who have been negatively impacted by the tariffs. It is imperative that USTR announce the results of the review promptly to provide American businesses, workers and consumers with certainty and predictability in their supply chains.

“As we have communicated to USTR, doubling down on this failed tariff policy will slow the progress the United States has made in combating inflation and create more dislocation, inefficiencies, and potentially job loss across the economy.”